Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

"Waraeru koi wa shitakunai" ("Don´t want a laughable romance") - it´s Japanese short-drama about people who somehow are connected to eachother. Everything happens during the Christmas time. The main point is about celebrating Christmas with someone special. I just adore this drama so much. It´s my (and my friends) Christmas tradition to watch this drama together every year when we celebrate Christmas.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Christmas Eve (24.th of December) and the New Years Eve (31.th od December). I have a big family, so Christmas Eve is one of the few days in the year when really everybody are at our childhood home. Also Christmas Eve is the day we exchange presents. New Years Eve is also another family-circled holiday. My family has had those traditions as long as I remember.

Writer's Block: Blast to the past

I would say: On 7th of October 2006 there are three words that you (the little me) have to say to one of the most important person in your (my) life. Those words are "I love you." Everything that comes after that will make you stronger and one day you´ll be able to see everything in much brighter colors - just remember to say those words.

That´s what I´d say to the little me, because in reality I didn´t say those words. I wanted to say, but I felt like those words were not enough to confess my feelings. So I said: "I hope everything will go smoothly." Those were my last words I ever said to her. She, the most important person in my life, died the next morning.

Writer's Block: Friends 4 ever

I have two best friends. One of them is my childhood friend, so we´ve known each other for all our life. We are basically neighbours and we went to kindergarten together. She got one extra year so she went to school a year later than I did. Because of that there were years where we almost weren´t friends - during the summer we always played together, but at school I had other friends. Now when I think about it - I was such a fool. After graduating from 4th grade I switched schools and later also did she. Going to different schools made things difficult for us - escpecially because my school private school with really high education quality, while her school was really bad. Currently I am going for my senior year in my high school, while she is in public school. As I said middle-school years were really difficult for us, but some how during the end of 8th grade our relationship started to blossom and we got really close again. Since then on we have had many fights, because she is ashamed that she is less educated than I am and she gets easily depressed, but after we have cleared the situation, we´re back to normal. Next year I´m moving to another city, because I´m leaving to university. I hope our relationship can make it through.
I met my other best friend at the first day I went to 5th grade. I was so scared to go to a new school and new class. WHen I got into the classroom all the seats were already taken. I noticed that the seat next to her was free so I went to sit by her. She smiled at me and she started to talk about how she liked cats. She helped me to live in. As the years passed by we got really close. When we graduated from middle school, she went to a different school, but our bond has grown even stronger. She is the person I can have the longest calls and share all my troubles with. She just gets me. Sometimes I feel that I´m not so good friend to her as she is to me - when I said it to her, she said that at times she has thought the same way about her self! We have never argued about anything - OK we have, but that was just for fun as "Yes", "No" etc.
As you probably understood - my best friends are really different from each other and so is my relationship with them, but one thing is for sure: I love both of them and I hope our relationships will last a life time.

Writer's Block: On repeat

Definitely amazingly great songs. If the words are great or the voice is amazing, tben I get gooosebumps. For example Estonian singer Tõnis Mägi - every time I hear him singing, I´m dazzled. He is amazing singer.
when I hear a bad song, then I´ll get sick and feel like puking.
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Writer's Block: Going the distance

If I feel that his my one and only, then I wish I´d do that, but considering my personality it would be a really difficult decision. My mother did it - she moved from a big city to a rural area for the man that she loved - now they have been married for 25 years.
I wish I could fall that deeply in love too.

Writer's Block: Marathon sessions

24 HOURS of TV!!! It was about two years ago. One Japanese TV channel has a program called "24 Hour TV" which is a charity event, where there is a 24 hours of different shows and most things are on live. Two years ago an idol band called NEWS was the main personality of the program, so me and my friends thought it would be cool to be watch it. And so we did. We sat before my computer for 24 hours and watched TV through the internet. In total I was awake for more than 48 hours, because at the same day I just had arrived home from a summer camp...

Writer's Block: Happy, happy, joy, joy

There´s hundres of them! My all time favorite "Go happy!" songs are: (even though some of them aren´t happy at all, but they make me feel good :)
NEWS - "Smilemaker"
NEWS - "Weeeek"
NEWS - "Summer time"
NEWS - "Sakura girl"
Tegomasu - "Ame nochi hare"
Tegomasu - "Owaranaide"
Tegomasu - "Chu 3x"
C.N.BLUE - "Kimio"
NEWS - "Nantoka narusa"
Carlos Santana - "Why don´t you and I get together?"
G-Dragon & T.O.P - "Baby good night"
KAT-YUN - "D-Motion"
Kelly Clarkson - "My life would suck without you"
MicHi - "Kiss Kiss xxx"
Mongol 800 - "Chiisana koi no uta"
Pussycat Dolls - "I don´t need a man"
Yamashita Tomohisa - "ME"
Yamashita Tomihisa -"Flavor favor for you"
Yamashita Tomohisa - "Lovexxx"
Yamashita Tomohisa - "One in a million"
Yamashita Tomohisa - "Crazy you"
Yamashita Tomohisa - "ONE GIRL"
The Veronicas - "4ever"
GUILD - "Party"
Big Bnag - "Tonight"
Phineas & Ferb - "Gitchi gitchi goo"!!!!
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Writer's Block: The nickname game

Hehe I have nicknamed my sister and my best-friend! My sister´s nickname is Cypsis (it is spelled as Küpsis - ü is a vocal which sounds like y - and Küpsis means Cooky in Estonian language). So her nickname would be Cooky in English. XD She did the design "Cypsis" herself, because she liked the name :D Why I gave her that kind of nickname? I don´t remember correctly, but it had something to do with a bus trip to Tartu and eating cookies. Her actual name has no connection to the nickname
My bestfriend is Ton-Chan. Her actual name has no connection to the nickname, too, but it actually comes from her last name "Kiil", which means "dragonfly". We both love Japan and dragonfly in Japanese is "Tonbo". So I took the Ton from Tonbo and added the honorific -chan (is used to express endearment). So it changed to Ton-Chan. She likes that name ^o^
My other bestfriend has a nickname too, but I didn´t give her that name.
Sadly I´m the only one without a nickname, even though I´ve always wanted to have one.
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