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Little girls and marriage

So Today I found out that my little sister has married .... three times. And I´m still single -.- anyway that´s not the case. I haven´t been in any of her weddings (yeah, she has divorced two times) - she asked me to be in her first wedding, but I forget about it and it came back into my mind after the weddings were over. To the other two she even didn´t invite me.  So that you wouldn´t get any weird ideas of me and my sister (and our relationship) I´ll tell you how it´s possible - She is still 7 - years old (I almost wrote 6-years....) and everything is just her imagination -.- 

The first husband of her was Aladdin (She named herself Jasmine) - she was crazy about Disney´s Aladdin movies. 

The second husband was.... Zac Efron from High School Musical (once again she was crazy about HSM) (she named herself Vanessa Hudgens, who is Zac´s girlfriend).

Now the third husband is again from Disney Channel - It´s Max Goof from Goof Troop (Goofy movie) (and she named herself Roxanne, who was Max´s girlfriend for sometime).

Well acutally I don´t mind it , but what I mind is that she´s starting to go for other guys

Today she said she will go out with YamaPi (NEWS) and Massu (NEWS) and Ryo (NEWS and Kanjani8) and I´m pretty sure she soon wants to go out with the rest of the NEWS too (and every other boyband I have in my playlist -.-) . (Ps: My sister has no phone right now, but she plays to have a Koyama - Everybody as her ringtone)

When I start to think about it - when I was her age I didn´t marry anyone (even though my friend did XD but this was another story) - and now I´m glad I haven´t married anyone yet.  This important person surely doesn´t know me yet and I´m glad that I have a lot of time to meet someone.